Note on establishing photometric zeropoints for these images: Each image has an intensity scale that is correct for the exposure time given in its header (keyword EXPTIME). That is, these are summed exposures rather than averaged. Sky background is also added back in so that it is correct for that total exposure.

The F814W ACS images for ESO444-G046, ESO383-G076, and ESO509-G008 are from John Blakeslee, from a previous HST Cycle. For our purposes here they have been rotated and reoriented to match our new F475W images.

UGC 9799 images
ESO444-G046 images
ESO509-G008 images
NGC 7720 images
NGC 6166 images
ESO383-G076 images
UGC 10143 images

PIPER Paper 1 submitted to ApJ