Photometric Data for Globular Clusters in Brightest Cluster Galaxies

Here are links to the files for the raw photometric data from our group's series of papers on the globular cluster populations around Brightest Cluster Galaxies. The data are obtained from the HST ACS/WFC and WFC3 cameras, in the F475W and F814W filters. The references to the literature are:
Paper I: Harris, W.E. et al. 2014, ApJ 797, 128
Paper II: Harris, W.E. et al. 2016, ApJ 817, 58
Paper III: Harris, W.E. et al. 2016, ApJ submitted

In each table below, the numbers give the (x,y) position on the field relative to galaxy center; radius from galaxy center; F814W magnitude and uncertainty; and F475W magnitude and uncertainty. For NGC 4874, the xy positions are given in the form (RA, DEC) since they are a combination of three overlapping ACS fields (see Paper III). The magnitudes are on the VEGAMAG system. All measured starlike objects are included, as described in the papers.

  • NGC 4874
  • NGC 4889
  • NGC 6166 ACS
  • NGC 6166 WFC3
  • UGC 9799 ACS
  • UGC 9799 WFC3
  • UGC 10143 ACS
  • UGC 10143 WFC3

  • NGC 5128 field W1

  • W1 f606w
  • W1 f814w