I am a PhD student in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at McMaster University under the supervision of Christine D. Wilson. My studies and research focus on star formation and the interstellar medium in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies. I am particularly interested in understanding how gas and dust arranges itself such that it will collapse to form stars in the earliest stages of star formation. My observational research has been centered on submillimeter and radio observations. This has been primarily with ALMA data, both archival and from my own sucessfully observed project.


Here is an ADS link to my publications. My Master's work at McMaster was focused on building a clump mass function in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) using ALMA Band 3 and 6 continuum observations to measure dust masses in star forming regions. It has primarily been using publically available archival data with the addition of short spacing data acquired as part of observations in which I was the P.I.

My PhD will focus on extending our analysis in the LMC with the use of spectroscopic observations with ALMA. I also plan to expand to comparative analyses of other nearby galaxies as well as the Milky Way.

You can check out what recent papers I and our research group find interesting on the McMaster Galaxy Evolution Vox Charta.

3-color map of 30 Dor-10 with ALMA Bands 3 and 6 and SPITZER 3.6 microns.
Above: 30 Doradus-10 observed with ALMA and SPITZER. Red and green are ALMA's Bands 3 and 6 and blue is 3.6 μm from SPITZER. ALMA maps combine data from Indebetouw et al. (2013) and project 2016.1.01533.S by PI N. Brunetti. SPITZER data were taken as part of program SPIRITS11/11063 by PI M. Kasliwal.


I have been a teaching assistant for four courses per academic year while at McMaster University. A few are highlighted below.

  • Physics 1AA3 - Introduction to Modern Physics: TAs run labs and grade lab reports. I have been head TA since January, 2018 which includes additional duties such as scheduling all lab activities, editing the lab manual, and designing and testing new experiments.
  • Physics 2G03 - Scientific Computing: TAs run computer lab tutorials aiding students with assignments in C programming. I have been head TA since September, 2018.
  • Arts and Science 2D06 - Physics: TAs run small-group tutorial sections on solving sample physics problems and grade term project lab reports.

About Me

Beyond research I have been participating in regular public outreach events at McMaster since I started graduate school in 2015.

McMaster Sidewalk Astronomy logo

McMaster's Sidwewalk Astronomy

When the weather is cooperative I manage and help run telescope observing sessions on and near campus for the general public.

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McCallion Planetarium

I give presentations on topics ranging from general introductions to astronomy, tours of the solar system, astronomy done with current and upcoming space telescopes, and more.

Contact Me

The best way to get a hold of me is through email. I have a shared phone in my shared office so that is best reserved for quick conversations that would just be too complicated through email.


Department of Physics & Astronomy
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
ABB Room 245-C
Hamilton, ON Canada
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