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McMaster University

Brockhouse Institute Seminar

SPEAKER Prof. Amit Goyal, Director, RENEW University of Buffalo
TOPIC Low-cost, high-performance, single-crystal-like device layers and controlled self-assembly of nanostructures within device layers for wide-ranging energy and electronic applications 

For many energy and electronic applications, single-crystal-like materials offer the best performance. However, in almost all cases, fabrication of single-crystal form of the relevant material is too expensive. In addition, for many applications, very long or wide materials are required a regime not accessible by conventional single-crystal growth. This necessitates the use of artificially fabricated, large-area, singlecrystal- like substrates suitable for heteroepitaxial growth of the relevant advanced material for the electronic or energy application in question. In this talk, details of the fabrication of such substrates will be provided. Heteroepitaxial growth of nanolaminate multilayers and devices on such substrates using a variety of deposition techniques such as pulsed laser ablation, sputtering, e-beam evaporation, MBE, MOCVD, and chemical solution deposition will be reported upon. Application areas that have been demonstrated via the use of such artificial substrates include – oxide high-temperature superconductors, semiconductor materials (Si, Ge, GaAs, CdTe, Cu2O), ferroelectrics (BaTiO3), multiferroics (BiFeO3), etc. In addition, strain-driven selfassembly of second phase nanomaterials at nanoscale spacings has been demonstrated within device layers. Control of heteroepitaxy in lattice-mismatched systems and the effects of strain on self-assembly will be discussed. Such heteroepitaxial device layers on large-area, single-crystal-like artificial substrates are quite promising for a range of electrical and electronic applications.

Dr. Amit Goyal joined UB in January 2015 as Director of RENEW, the University at Buffalo’s new interdisciplinary institute dedicated to research and education on globally pressing problems in energy, environment and water. He concurrently holds the title of Empire Innovation Professor at UB in the departments of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics & Materials Design and Innovation. He is also Emeritus Corporate Fellow and Distinguished Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In addition, he is the founder of 2 companies. Goyal has developed clean energy technologies for over two decades. He has authored more than 350 technical publications and has 85 issued patents comprising 68 US and 17 International patents, and over 20 patents pending.

DATE Wednesday, May 03, 2017
TIME 11:00 am

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